The Loomia’s towels are hand-loomed, made completely of  cotton, linen and bamboo. To maximize absorbency and softness, we recommend you soak the towels in warm water and then hang them to dry in an open space.

Why do I need to soak my towels in cold water before using them?

Soaking them allows the cotton fibers to bloom (blooming is more of a term for flowering above ground, so maybe another fits better?) and begin to reach its maximum absorbency. After that, each machine wash will make them softer and more absorbent!


We recommend a warm wash.

Line dry, and avoid tumble drying if possible.

Use only a warm, gentle setting when ironing.

Do not dry clean.

Avoid fabric softeners. Never use bleach or fabric softener on your hand-loomed textiles. It is best to wash towels with natural detergents — stay away from all of the toxic gunk out there!

Why don’t I need to use bleach or fabric softener on the towels?

Bleach or fabric softener actually makes Turkish towels less absorbent. Because Turkish towels are made from natural cotton, your Turkish towels smell wonderful. However, bleach and fabric softener will stop the fibers from doing their work. Run a regular wash cycle. Organic cotton textiles will become naturally softer with each wash!

When following these instructions, your towels will become softer, more absorbent and stronger!

July 17, 2019 — NILAY YUCE