A peshtemal (also spelled pestemal, peshtamal or pestamal; in Turkish, peştamal), is commonly called Turkish towel, bath towel, hammam towel or beach towel. They are the traditional, flat-woven towels used in the Turkish baths (hammams) and hand-woven on looms in Turkey. Peshtemals are woven from high quality Turkish cotton, bamboo and linen fibers.

Peshtemals are well designed, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to clean, very absorbent, quick-drying and very versatile. This makes them perfect for traveling or just everyday use! You can use them to lay on the beach, but also as a blanket, throw, baby wrap, scarf, picnic blanket, table cloth, table runner or bed runner. Whatever you desire!

You will fall in love with these versatile beauties just like we did!

July 17, 2019 — NILAY YUCE