Adrian No:15 Turkish Towel


Adrian No:15 Turkish Towel is hand spun by talented Turkish artisans, making it an exquisite addition to your home. You can’t beat the fact that it’s locally sourced and made with eco-friendly cotton. We love the breathtaking pattern and tassels!

This is the perfect product to use as an elegant towel, bath towel, shawl, throw, hand, hair, kitchen or even baby blanket. Experienced peshtemal towel users who love the sleek and simple look at home or outdoors will love this one!

100% Turkish cotton
Light Weight Towel
Water Absorbent  
Dries Quickly, Cutting Down on Laundry Time
Becoming Softer and More Absorbent with Every Wash
Multi-purpose towels


Please note that all hand-loomed Turkish towels can slightly vary in size, weight and color. They can also have wrinkles and tiny blemishes, which makes them natural and unique. 


Wash your Peshtemal Turkish towels at a warm temperature. We recommend that you hang them to dry. Never use bleach or fabric softener on your hand-loomed textiles. If ironing your Turkish Towels, we recommend no more than a warm setting. Do not dry clean. Your towel is made of raw cotton, so it is normal if it shrinks slightly. By following these instructions, your towels will become softer, more absorbent, stronger and long-lasting!