Together, my husband Fahri and I are dreamers. The Loomia is our dream come into reality!

Long ago (really, in 2016), Fahri and I imagined starting a company from our home in Istanbul. We wanted to bring the beauty of Turkish textiles to the world, and make connections with the many people who appreciate the quality and variety of hand-woven Turkish textiles. We started with an online boutique, which grew rapidly and tested our ability to respond to a global interest. We worked constantly to find amazing products to share and create a network of suppliers, designers, and clients to be a part of our dream.

One stop on this journey was bringing our baby boy, Deniz, into the world. You may recognize him in many of our media pictures, as he has been the heart of our partnership and one reason why we work so hard — to bring him a bright and promising future! 

From our home base of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, we continue our journey of being entrepreneurs and sharing our love of our heritage. We are so very grateful for the many blessings in our lives and thankful that our dream is a reality. 

Thank YOU for visiting The Loomia! 

-Nilay and Fahri Sengun