Naz Artisan Handwoven Queen Size Turkish Blanket



We want to call this Artisan Turkish Queen Size Blanket: Naz.

Swaddling in a warm throw blanket has never this stylish or so easily obtained. The comfortable, flowing textures of this throws, handwoven from premium long-staple Turkish cotton, will wrap you and your bedroom or living room furnishings in cozy, texture-rich comfort and fashion-smart style!

Beyond function, this stylish accent showcases a classic striped pattern in two tones for subtle contrast. And our favorite thing about this blanket is that the front and back at subtly different!


Colors: She has a natural cream cotton base with vertical grey stripes.

Feel of Touch: A bold texture and the feel of the soft touch of the cotton.

Fabric: 100 % Cotton

Weight: Medium weight 42 oz

Dimension : Tall 75 X 105 in

All handwoven Turkish blankets can be a little bit different in size, weight, and color. They can also have wrinkles and tiny blemishes which makes them naturally perfect and unique.


Please wash your blankets at a cold temperature. We recommend that you hang dry the blankets. Never use bleach or fabric softener on your hand loomed textiles. If ironing your blankets, we recommend no more than a warm setting. Do not dry clean. Your towel is made of raw cotton. It is very natural if it shrinks a little. By following these instructions, your blankets will become softer, more absorbent, stronger and will last longer.