A peshtemal (also spelled pestemal, peshtamal or pestamal; from Turkish: peştamal), calls Turkish towel, Turkish bath towel, hammam towel and beach towel.

Pestemals, are the traditional flat-woven towels used in the Turkish baths (hammams) hand-woven on looms in Turkey -woven from high quality Turkish cotton, bamboo and linen fibers.

Pehtemals are well designed, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to clean, very absorbent, fast drying and very versatile which makes them perfect for traveling. You can use to lay on the beach, but they can also be used as a blanket, throw, baby wrap, scarf or picnic blanket, table cloth, table or bed runner.

You will fall in love with this versatile beauty just like we did!

February 02, 2020 — Fahri Sengun


One of the main reasons why we love Turkish towels at Loomia is that they are both beautiful textiles and handy tools. With a multitude of designs and purposes, all these towels can serve many functions and look great doing it.

Let’s start with styling! Turkish towels mostly have geometric patterns like stripes and diamonds, and colors range from pastels to almost neon to nudes. They fit well with a bohemian-chic aesthetic with the rustic feel they give off. Towels can be used in outfits, as both indoor and outdoor blankets, and any sort of towels.

In terms of home decoration, Turkish towels look great in many ways:

-As a throw blanket across a chair or couch. Add pillows that mix and match for a rustic yet cozy seating area. Plus, they make great lightweight blankets that aren’t too warm, aren’t too thin.

-Hung as decorative towels in a bathroom. These look cute and tidy stacked up in matching sets on a bathroom wall. Plus, they double as great towels anyways!

-As kitchen towelettes. Hang these on the side of the sink or on the oven door, as any other small towel, for an elegant touch on items used every day.

Turkish towels can also be fashionable:

-Make a small towel into a fashion statement by wrapping it around your neck for a lightweight scarf. Since the fabric is thin, it can be tied into knots to style it more. Perfect for chilly days!

-Tie around your waist or wrap around shoulders for a coverup. Whether at the beach, pool, lake or wherever you get your sun, Turkish towels can double as an absorbent towel and also chic coverup.

And at it’s most core purpose, the Turkish towel has many more functions:

-Reusable napkins (small towels)

-Picnic blanket

-Spa towel

-Rustic table cloth

-Work out towel. Bring one to yoga class or the gym to stay dry.

-Travel towel. These roll and fold down surprisingly fall and take up very little space in bags. Perfect for luggage or day bags!

February 02, 2020 — Fahri Sengun


Like any linens, Turkish towels need proper care to extend their life. It is very easy to keep up with them. Here you will learn about how to improve these towels over time and keep them fresh!

Turkish towels can last for years and maintain their strength and absorbency. There is one step after purchasing one to ensure maximum absorbency and softness.

Before using a Turkish towel for the first time, soak them in cold water (like in a bathtub) for 12 hours. Wring out as much water as possible from the towels and then hang to dry.

This makes the material softer and absorbent. Cotton in the linen expands when soaked. Doing this is like a test-run or warm-up for the towel before it gets to work!

Also, don’t forget to treat these towels kindly while doing the laundry. Machine wash them in cold water with similar colors for the best outcome. Turkish towels can go in the dryer after the first use, but make sure to tumble dry on a low or medium heat. Using too much heat can overwhelm the cotton thread, causing towels to get dry and less soft.

Lastly, don’t use bleach or fabric softener on Turkish towels for any reason. Bleach will alter the colors and dry out the fabric, and fabric softener makes it less absorbent. Instead, wash your Turkish towels with 1 cup of vinegar every so often to naturally kill bacteria. We do this about once a month to not overdo it.

Turkish towels get softer and more absorbent over time if treated with the proper care it needs… and deserves. They stay lightweight and dynamic, and they have a vintage look to them already that is a staple classic throughout any trends. Since the towels are durable, these steps are not mandatory but just tips and tricks to ensure their high quality.

January 29, 2020 — Fahri Sengun