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Best Beach Towels

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Sometimes the seemingly miniscule parts of life are the most helpful and important parts. Small letters from loved ones and smooth mornings before work really make a difference. For example, when thinking of home improvement, you may think of a new refrigerator or wall paint first. However, that adds up and takes time. Why not instead buy some soft slippers or… replace old terry towels with luxurious Turkish beach towel?

What's the difference between a towel and a beach towel?

The beach towels have a flat weave (no terry loops) that is 100% sand-free! They are 100% cotton - the most highly absorbent material for the beach, AND they dry the fastest – so you will never have damp or moldy smelling towels day after day on vacation.

How big should a beach towel be?

The length and width of a beach towel is much greater than a bath towel. Bath towels measure around 42-58 x 24-30 inches, whereas beach towels are around 35 x 72 inches.

Can I use a bath towel as a beach towel?

Yes! If you are getting used to Turkish towels, you can use the beach towel as a bath towel, too!

Why are beach towels so thin?

Lightweight, less wait! Traditionally, The beach towels are tightly flat-woven, making them lightweight yet durable. Because these textiles are so light, they dry incredibly fast. But here’s the best part: Quick-drying fabric means less laundry time!

Long Lasting
Turkish towels are a smart investment. It stays in fantastic shape for years! Premium fibers stay intact and get softer with time, and natural dyes ensure long-lasting color.

Disaster Proof
The tight weaves are what make Turkish towels so absorbent. Despite small surface size, the fibers hold lots of liquid. Their absorbency makes them great candidates for showers, pool days, working out and cleaning up messes. Plus, tight weaving means the fabric does not hold onto dirt, sand, stains and bad smells. Those fall right off! These linens are definitely pet- and family-friendly. Since Turkish towels hold onto so little grime, easy care significantly cuts down on laundry time.

Whether you travel for fun or only leave the house, when necessary, we can all agree that packing is both a struggle and a bore. Try this packing hack to make it all easier: switch from terry to Turkish towels! They fold or roll down to fit into the tightest spaces, like carry-ons or beach bags. Plus, since they dry so fast and reject dirt, they will never soil neighboring items or spread wet-towel odors. Say goodbye to hotel towels.

How to pick the perfect beach towel for you?

How to pick the perfect beach towel for you?
Everything to consider when choosing a new Turkish towel for sand and sun

Hot sun on skin, crashing waves, treasured memories in the sea… the beach has consumed my mind lately. While winter coops us up inside our homes, I have some serious summertime nostalgia. We’re already planning family weekends to local parks and, most importantly, the beach.

If you are anything like me, decisions are a challenge. That is why I created this list to help you choose which Turkish beach towel is perfect for you. Here is a run-down on each of our beach towels based on colors, patterns, and functions.

This option is for those who love fun, vivid beach towels! Kids love the bright colors, but there are also neutral palette options for those who just love stripes coupled with an ombre effect. Iris is also one of our softest towels, perfect for little ones.
The fabric is lightweight yet slightly thicker than other towels to absorb even more water and sand, but still fold down to fit any bag. Next time you hit the pool or beach, bring Iris along for a reliable choice.

With a classic, beachy look mixed with traditional style, Andrea is a great choice for those who like neutral colors and minimalism. The modern stripes will never go out of style. Plus, hand-tied tassels at the ends of the towel tie it all together with an artistic touch. Andreat also looks fantastic lying on sand, or as a picnic blanket! The cream base will also stay fresh, since the tight weaves in Turkish towels do not hold sand, dirt or stains.

Do you love bright colors and detailed patterns? Then Apollonia is the perfect beach towel for you! This fun piece stands out with a summer-bright rainbow of stitching.
This lightweight towel will fit into any daycation bags. Kids also love the happy colors, which is inspired by the palette of summertime.

We hope this helps you decide on the perfect beach towel for you! The variety of styles and thickness will fit anyone’s needs. Try introducing them into your wardrobe as well for some bohemian, functional accessories.