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Neci Cotton Kimono - The Loomia

Neci Cotton Kimono and Robe

Tina Muslin Unisex Bathrobe

Tina Muslin Unisex Bathrobe




Heena Waffle Weave Unisex Bathrobe


Cersei Gauze Robe

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Melika Turkish Cotton Striped Robe

Melika Turkish Cotton Striped Robe


Styles of Cotton Women's Robes

The Loomia's cotton robes are the answer to all your cozy comfort needs, whether you're pampering yourself after a shower, lounging at home, or relaxing by the beach with a stylish kimono cover-up. Made from 100% super-soft cotton, these robes are a luxurious treat you deserve.

Classic Kimono Style: Embrace timeless elegance with the Neci Cotton Kimono and Robe or the JOY 4- LAYERED KIMONO ROBE. These feature a relaxed fit, flattering wrap design, and a tie closure. 

Modern & Unique: For a trendy twist, explore the Heena Waffle Weave Unisex Bathrobe with its textured design, or the Cersei Gauze Robe for a lightweight, gauzy feel.

Stripes for Days: If you love patterns, the Melika Turkish Cotton Striped Robe is your go-to choice for cotton bathrobes. Its vibrant stripes add a pop of personality to your relaxation time, making it a fun yet sophisticated addition to your cotton kimono bathrobe collection.

 Our cotton women's robes are incredibly versatile. Relax after a shower, use them as a cozy cover-up over pajamas, or throw one on for a touch of style while lounging at home.

Choosing the Right Cotton Kimono

A cotton robe is more than just loungewear – it's a symbol of relaxation and self-care. But with so many varieties available, finding the perfect one can feel overwhelming. Don't worry, this guide will help you navigate the world of cotton robes and discover the ideal fit for your needs.

Classic Kimono Robes: Embrace timeless elegance with a relaxed fit, a flattering wrap design, and a tie closure.

Modern Loungewear Robes: Explore a variety of lengths, sleeve options, and even hoods to suit your preference. From short and playful to long and luxurious, find the style that complements your comfort level.

Lightweight Robes: Perfect for warmer weather or those who prefer a breathable option, lightweight cotton robes offer comfort without the bulk.

Considering Your Needs:

Weight and Thickness: Think about the climate and your personal preference. Thicker robes provide more warmth, while lightweight options are ideal for warmer days.

Length: Robes come in various lengths. Choose one that suits your style and comfort level. Do you prefer a short and playful robe, or a luxurious full-length option?

Features: Consider the features that enhance your experience. Do you prefer a hood for extra warmth? Pockets for convenience?

 Once you've considered these factors, explore the variety of cotton robes available here at The Loomia.