Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

You aren't the first person to ask, "When is Mother’s Day?" The good news is there’s more than enough time to choose a wonderful gift for Mom.  

Did you know that Mother’s Day has its historical roots in a European tradition of returning to your "mother" church to worship on the last days of Lent? This gradually evolved into Mothering Sunday which was celebrated with special foods and of course, a visit home to Mother. 

The day is celebrated internationally in many incarnations. Here in the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May (probably why people are often confused about the actual date). The day became a national holiday on May 8, 1914, after numerous individuals proposed a variety of ways to unify individual states and religious celebrations into one to celebrate all mothers.   

Of course, a heartwarming gift for Mother’s Day requires some thought and planning, so we at The Loomia thought to put together some of our favorite items that would make Mother’s Day wishes for all moms fulfilled! These Loomia selections are perfect for Mother’s Day gift baskets for all moms, and, every gift comes in a Loomia Cotton Drawstring Bag, so there is no need to have to search for additional gift wrapping. 

#1 Gift Set: 

includes your choice of one of five different Blankets, two hand towels, and a scented Loomia candle.

# 2 Gift Set: 

Your choice of one of five different blankets and a scented Loomia candle

# 3 Create-Your-Own Gift Set:

 Any blanket and any towel combination, together with a Loomia candle. This is a wonderful way to hand-pick items you select as just YOUR mom's taste.  

#4 Mix and Match Towel Sets: 

We have packaged our three favorite bath towels and hand towel patterns in a six-towel set that will complement every decor. Our 100% Turkish cotton towels are a customer favorite -- please take a look at our reviews that attest to how much our clients enjoy them!

#5 A Personal Throw Blanket for the Couch or her Favorite Chair

: Choose from a rainbow of colors and patterns. Our Baran, Ekani, and Amca throw blankets can fit a neutral or colorful decorating scheme, or, come in white for the purist!  

#6 A "Mom" Bamboo Towel: 

This luxuriously soft bamboo and cotton towel have an embroidered heart with the word Mom, so Mom will have her own personal towel that won't get mixed up with everyone else's!!

Every one of these Loomia gifts for Mother’s Day includes your personal message transcribed into a handwritten note to your Mom!

We can't wait to see what you pick! 

Thank you for thinking of The Loomia when choosing the most special gifts for Mom!