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The Best Turkish Towels

Are Turkish towels worth the money?

Absolutely! If you want daily chores to feel more like simple pleasures, you have come to the right place. Something as small as mixing things up with new bath towels will make all the difference.
Turkish towels are made with organic Turkish cotton, which is unbelievably strong and soft to the touch.

These will last years, which is worth the investment. Overtime, you will spend less money on a few high-quality towels that withstand the test of time compared to replacing cheaper towels every few years.

Our towels also double as décor! Save time and money when decorating your bathroom by incorporating a beautiful Turkish towel. These double as both practical items and designer details! Styles range greatly from trendy to playful to classic and in a rainbow of colors to match any personality.

You may have learned the hard way that does not always reflect quality! However, as a small family business, we notice and care for each and every person that shops with us. We understand that every “customer” is a mother, brother, or friend of someone who deserves simple pleasures in life.
When shopping with the Loomia, you are guaranteed not only high-quality products at the best price, but also friendly service with you in mind.

What is so great about Turkish towels?

These days, it seems nothing is made to last. That new washer and dryer you just installed probably won’t last as long as the one your parents have had since the ‘50s! But what if I told you your linens could last for years and only improve with time? Well, that is the magic of Turkish cotton and our guarantee at The Loomia.

Turkish towels have been around for thousands of years, proving their worth. The traditional technique has been perfected from generations of creation. Turkish cotton is used in these towels, which is uniquely soft and absorbent due to Turkey’s climate.

On top of that, they commonly feature geometric or abstract patterns. Not only are they useful, they are also beautiful!

What is better: Egyptian or Turkish towels?

Let’s start off with a short geography lesson! Turkey has a very unique geographic location and climate, with comfortable summers and cold (but not too cold!) winters. It is not quite as hot and humid as Egypt.

Turkey’s weather impacts cotton growth substantially; cotton fibers grow extra long and soft. They also have minimal flimsy “fuzz” that creates pilling on fabric. The length and texture of these fibers are what make Turkish towels so durable, absorbent, fast drying and soft to the touch!

Egypt’s climate, while similar, is hotter and more humid year-round. The cotton fibers there actually grow longer and softer than Turkish cotton… which has its surprising ups and downs.
You may have heard online that Turkish towels absorb less but dry fast, while Egyptian towels absorb more but dry slowly. While this is not totally untrue, it does not show the whole story.
If you are worried about absorbency with Turkish towels, pay attention to how those towels are made.

For example, one notable part about The Loomia is that we offset any absorbency issues with high-quality weaving and attention to detail. Traditional Turkish towels are looser woven than ours, because we adapted to our mostly American audience who are used to thicker towels. This boosts absorbency. Also, because Turkish cotton always dries faster than other fibers, it will begin absorbing again quicker than any other towel. Egyptian towels are always made with terry cloth, too, which is thicker and takes longer to dry across the board.

Some argue that quality is similar, and the choice between the two should depend on where you live. If you live in a humid climate, Turkish towels are superior; Egyptian towels are often so absorbent that they will hold in humidity and moisture in the air. This relates back to the last paragraph, which points out how Egyptian terry towels can develop mold or mildew without proper care and storage.

However, due to the amount of upkeep and specific storage needs that Egyptian towels require, we highly recommend Turkish towels for everyone regardless of location.

Turkish towels are so much easier to care for than other premium towels. Some brands charge high prices for their linens to cover the cost of thicker fabric, but too-thick linens hold onto moisture and can grow mold or mildew. This results in bad odor and bacteria. Less upkeep goes into our Turkish towels thanks to the unique cotton and weaving techniques from Turkey.

What is the difference between Turkish and regular towels?

Turkish towels are flat-woven and oversized, which is the most noticeable difference at first glance.

Flat weave means that, instead of looped fibers like terry cloth, the fabric is more two-dimensional. They may be thinner, but that does not mean they are less absorbent! The thinner, flatter fabric dries faster than any other option. Flat-woven towels also take up less space during storage.

And why are our towels so large? Good question. Oversized towels are inclusive for all body types and clean up bigger messes. Extra fabric means extra absorbency and coverage!

Can Turkish towels go in the dryer?

Absolutely! Throwing your Turkish towels in the dryer is perfectly safe. Plus, having a damp towel in the dryer with other clothes or linens helps the process; time to dry speeds up, and the evaporation provides light steaming to prevent wrinkles.

While hang drying (especially outdoors) is always the best option for laundry, our modern lives do not always have the space or time for that. Air drying is a great option, though, because it uses less energy and helps linens last longer!

Dryers can damage fabric if it gets tossed around too much, but thankfully our towels are strong and durable enough to withstand all the laundry rounds you need.

How to care for Turkish towels?

Like any linens, Turkish towels need proper care to extend their life. It is very easy to keep them in their best shape. Here you will learn about how to improve these towels over time and keep them fresh!

Turkish towels can last for years and maintain their strength and absorbency. There is one step after purchasing one to ensure maximum absorbency and softness.

Before using a Turkish towel for the first time, wash in cold water. Wring out as much water as possible from the towels and then tumble dry.

This makes the material softer and more absorbent. Cotton in the linen expands when soaked. Doing this is like a test-run or warm-up for the towel before it gets to work! 

Also, don’t forget to treat these towels kindly while doing the laundry. Machine wash them in cold water with similar colors for the best outcome. Turkish towels can go in the dryer after the first use, but make sure to tumble dry on a low or medium heat.

Using too much heat can overwhelm the cotton thread, causing towels to get dry and less soft.

Lastly, don’t use bleach or fabric softener on Turkish towels for any reason. Bleach will alter the colors and dry out the fabric, and fabric softener makes it less absorbent. Instead, wash your Turkish towels with 1 cup of vinegar every so often to naturally kill bacteria. We do this about once a month to not overdo it.

Turkish towels get softer and more absorbent over time if treated with the proper care they require and deserve! They stay lightweight and dynamic, and they have a vintage look to them already that is a staple classic that withstands any trends. Since the towels are very durable, these steps are not mandatory but just tips and tricks to ensure their high quality.

Ways to use Turkish towels:

One of the main reasons why we love Turkish towels at The Loomia is that they are both beautiful textiles and handy tools. With a multitude of designs and purposes, all these towels can serve many functions and look great doing it.

Let’s start with styling! Turkish towels mostly have geometric patterns like stripes and diamonds, and colors range from pastels to almost neon to monochrome. They fit well with a bohemian-chic aesthetic with the rustic feel they give off. Towels can be used in outfits, as both indoor and outdoor blankets, and any sort of towels.

In terms of home decoration, Turkish towels look great in many ways:

-As a throw blanket across a chair or couch. Add pillows that mix and match for a rustic yet cozy seating area. Plus, they make great lightweight blankets that aren’t too warm, and aren’t too thin.
-Hung as decorative towels in a bathroom. These looks attractive and tidy stacked up in matching sets on a bathroom wall. Plus, they double as the best towels!
-As kitchen towels. Hang these on the side of the sink or on the oven door, as any other small towel, for an elegant touch on items used every day.

Turkish towels can also be fashionable:

-Make a small towel into a fashion statement by wrapping it around your neck for a lightweight scarf. Since the fabric is thin, it can be tied into knots to style it more. Perfect as a wrap in airconditioned spaces or for chilly days!
-Tie around your waist or wrap around shoulders for a sun coverup. Whether at the beach, pool, lake or wherever you get your sun, Turkish towels can double as an absorbent towel and also chic coverup.

And at its most core purpose, the Turkish towel has many more functions:

-Picnic blanket
-Spa towel
-Rustic tablecloth
-Work out towel. Bring one to yoga class or the gym to stay dry.
-Travel towel. These roll and fold down surprisingly small and take up very little space in bags. Perfect for luggage or day bags!

What makes The Loomia towels high quality?

The pure cotton and guaranteed craftsmanship on these towels certainly do represent the highest quality of world-famous Turkish textiles. We handpick which towels we sell based on softness, pattern, color and quality.

Turkish towels are not fast-fashion. Instead, they are made by real people in communities and sold by a small family business in the United States. Turkish towels have been around for decades, some even saying they are like the first towels created.

The artistic, geometric designs and natural colors are not just a trend, but a style that has lasted for years and gets better with age.