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My husband Fahri and I are dreamers. In 2017, newly married in Istanbul, we envisioned a company sharing the beauty of Turkish textiles with the world. What started with an online boutique, grew rapidly by the global interest so we decided to leave Istanbul for Charleston, SC, with nothing but a suitcase full of hope and a handful of Turkish towels. We believed in the quality and comfort these textiles offered, and we wanted to share them with the world.

Then, our world changed forever. With the arrival of our son, Deniz, our dream took on a whole new meaning. He became the heart and soul of The Loomia, the reason we strive for a bright future. Every decision we make, and every challenge we overcome, is fueled by our love for him.

Building The Loomia wasn't easy. Every step was a learning experience, filled with challenges and triumphs. But through it all, your support kept us going.

Today, with our son Deniz by our side, we continue to grow, one happy customer (and one happy family!) at a time.

When you choose The Loomia, you're not just getting a product, you're becoming part of our family story.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!