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Turkish Towels: A Touch of Luxury and Tradition

Turkish towels, also known as peshtemal or hammam towels, have emerged as more than just functional bathroom accessories – they're a symbol of luxury, tradition, and a delightful blend of history and craftsmanship. If you're someone who appreciates the finer things in life, or simply seeks comfort and elegance, Turkish towels are a must-add to your collection. In this article, we'll delve into the world of Turkish towels, exploring their history, craftsmanship, and why they've gained a special place in the hearts of many.

A Heritage Woven in Threads

Turkish towels have a rich history that dates back centuries. Their origin can be traced to the ancient Turkish hammams or bathhouses, where these towels were an integral part of the cleansing and relaxation rituals. These towels were meticulously handwoven, often using locally sourced cotton or linen fibers. The art of weaving Turkish towels was passed down through generations, and today, it continues to be a cherished tradition.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

What sets Turkish towels apart is the craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece. Skilled artisans invest time and expertise into weaving these towels, resulting in not just a functional item, but a work of art. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors used in Turkish towels are a testament to the dedication of these artisans. Whether you're using your Turkish towel as a beach wrap or a stylish shawl, you're carrying a piece of their craftsmanship with you.

Best Turkish Towels Review

When it comes to top-notch Turkish towels, The Loomia stands out as a brand that marries tradition with contemporary comfort seamlessly. The Loomia Turkish towels have garnered a loyal following for their exceptional quality and timeless appeal.

Our Top Picks:

New Version | Deniz Bamboo-Cotton Turkish Hand & Bath Towels

Best Overall Turkish Towel: New Version | Deniz Bamboo-Cotton Turkish Hand & Bath Towels

Introducing our updated Deniz Bath Towel,  a blend of cotton and bamboo that  brings an unmatched level of softness and absorbency to your bathing experience.

Key features include:

  • Exceptional softness and absorbency for a luxurious bath.
  • Crafted from a premium blend of bamboo and cotton, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Quick-drying quality to prevent dampness, mold, and odor.
  • Elegant chevron pattern with refined eyelash tassels.
  • Proudly made in Turkey.

Deniz Bath Towel price at time of publish: $29

Deniz Hand Towel price at time of publish: $18

Dimensions: 16 x 33” (50 x 84 cm) for Hand towels and 35 X 70" (89 x 190 cm) for Bath towels| Material: Bamboo Turkish cotton.

Silvia 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel Set

Most Versatile: Silvia 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel Set

Unveil the realm of luxury with our Silvia bath towel – a masterpiece that seamlessly weaves style and practicality into the fabric of your living space. Let's delve into the enchanting features that make the Silvia a true symbol of contemporary sophistication.

Crafted to Perfection:

Indulge in the caress of premium Turkish cotton that forms the foundation of the Silvia bath towel. With each fiber meticulously tended by hand, this towel emerges as a unique testament to craftsmanship. The touch of human artistry elevates the Silvia from a mere towel to a luxurious companion for your daily rituals.

The Essence of Elegance:

Witness the magic of the Silvia as it effortlessly marries aesthetics with versatility. Whether your home decor leans towards Boho, Modern, or Farmhouse, this towel blends in harmoniously. Its cream canvas adorned with dual stripes – bold black edges and gentle terracotta center – exudes an exquisite balance that catches the eye.
Compact Luxury, Anywhere:

The Silvia bath towel, compact in size yet lavish in texture, transforms into an ideal travel companion.Roll it up or fold it neatly – its lightweight and quick-drying nature make it your perfect partner on adventures without compromising on elegance.

Thoughtful Gifting:

Looking for a housewarming gift that radiates both style and practicality. The Silvia bath towel stands as a thoughtful choice. Its transcendent appeal transcends design preferences, making it a gift that resonates with any homeowner's heart.

A Symphony of Comfort:

As you wrap yourself in the Silvia, experience the plush embrace and high absorbency that enhance your post-bath moments. What's more, this towel proudly boasts the OEKO-TEX certification, signifying its dedication to luxury without compromising on safety and sustainability.

Silvia's Echo in Reviews:

Don't just take our word for it – the glowing reviews from our customers paint a vivid picture of Silvia's impact.From transforming bathrooms to adding flair to guest rooms, this towel stands as a true reflection of your commitment to creating a space that's both inviting and elegant.In a world where luxury often remains distant from utility, the Silvia bath towel bridges the gap with finesse. Its narrative speaks of timeless design, artisanal touch, and the joy of experiencing everyday indulgence. Elevate your bathing routine, elevate your living space – with the Silvia, you hold the key to modern elegance and enduring utility.

Silvia Bath Towel price at time of publish: $29

Silvia Hand Towel price at time of publish: $14

Dimensions: Bath Towel: 36” x 72” (91 x 182 cm), Weight / 11 lb (500 g) Hand Towel: 20” x 34” (51 x 86 cm), Weight / 35 lb (158 g) | Material: 100% Turkish Premium Cotton

Gio Turkish Beach and Pool Towel

Best Turkish Beach Towel: Gio Turkish Beach and Pool Towel

Get ready to elevate your beach experience to a whole new level with our remarkable Gio beach towel.Crafted from top-tier cotton, Gio is a testament to superior quality, offering a blend of lightweight comfort, unparalleled softness, and impressive absorbency.

Abstract Elegance:
Gio isn't just a towel; it's an artistic masterpiece that brings an abstract animal pattern to life.A subtle raised texture that adds a touch of intrigue to your beach essentials.Vibrant, dynamic, and alive with a tapestry of five harmonious hues, Gio is the epitome of dramatic flair.The ecru fringe that graces the top and bottom edges serves as the final stroke of detailing that sets Gio apart.

Your All-In-One Companion:

Gio wears many hats – or should we say, serves many purposes. While it excels as a beach and pool towel, its versatility knows no bounds. Imagine it as a cozy baby blanket, a stylish sarong, or a chic throw – Gio effortlessly adapts to your every need. And when the time comes to travel, its lightness and compact fold make it the perfect companion for any adventure.

The Magic of Absorbency:

Experience the magic of our flat weave beach towels – they're 100% sand-free. Gio is crafted from 100% cotton, a material renowned for its remarkable absorbency. But here's the kicker: these towels dry at lightning speed, ensuring you never have to face the woes of damp or musty-smelling towels on vacation days.


Say goodbye to lugging around heavy, bulky towels. Gio is here to revolutionize your beach game with its rapid-drying design and sand-repelling weave. A simple shake-off is all it takes to rid the towel of sand before tossing it into your beach bag. With Gio by your side, you're always ready to tackle whatever the day brings.

Unveil Your Style:

Unleash your creativity and personalize your beach or pool setup by mixing and matching Gio's captivating patterns.Create a combination that's uniquely yours, showcasing your personality while basking in the comfort and luxury that Gio brings.

A World of Luxury Awaits:

Gio isn't just a Turkish beach towel; it's your gateway to a world of luxury, convenience, and distinctive style.From its dynamic design to its unmatched absorbency and sand-repelling prowess, Gio is the embodiment of what a beach towel should be – a fusion of functionality and artistry.

Gio Turkish Beach and Pool Towel price at time of publish: $32

Dimensions: 36" x 70" (90 cm x 180 cm), Weight / 1 lb (450g) | Material: 100% Turkish Premium Cotton

Zebrine 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel

Best For Bath: Zebrine 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towel

The Zebra's Muse:

Named after the iconic zebra, Zebrine bath towels draw inspiration from nature's artistic palette. A canvas of natural-fiber cream sets the stage for an exquisite interplay of black striping. But that's not all – observe how these black stripes gracefully transition into delicate eyelash fringe, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that defines this towel.

Crafted to Perfection:

Details hold the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Zebrine's careful construction exemplifies this truth.Crafted with precision, this towel is an ode to artistry, ensuring that every fold, every stripe, and every fringe is a work of intentional elegance.

Versatility Embodied:

Zebrine is more than just a bath towel – it's your partner in enhancing everyday living. Ideal for every nook and cranny of your life, it effortlessly finds its place in everyday bathrooms, guest rooms, children's spaces, and even spa and sauna settings.Its versatility extends to travel and tiny-living scenarios, where its compact fold turns it into a portable luxury.

A Decorative Marvel:

Unlock a world of decorative possibilities with Zebrine. Its sleek design and neutral hues embody both modern trends and timeless elegance. Whether your taste leans towards the minimalistic or the modern, Zebrine seamlessly integrates into your aesthetic, creating an ambiance that's both inviting and striking.
Comfort and Beyond:
Zebrine isn't just a visual delight – it's a tactile experience. As you wrap yourself in its cushiony embrace, its lightweight texture and terrific absorbency become evident. Bid adieu to the days of damp, musty-smelling towels – Zebrine's quick-drying prowess ensures every use feels like a fresh beginning.

A Towel That Exceeds Expectations:

Zebrine isn't merely a bath towel; it's an embodiment of durability and luxury. Generously sized to envelop you in comfort, it stands poised to exceed even the loftiest expectations.Its enduring construction promises a long-lasting partnership, accompanying you through countless bathing rituals.

Zebrine Bath Towel price at time of publish: $29

Zebrine Hand Towel price at time of publish: $14

Dimensions: Bath Towel: 36” x 72” (91 x 182 cm) Weight / 1.1 lb (500 g) Hand Towel: 20” x 34” (51 x 86 cm) Weight / 35 lb (158 g) | Material: 100% Turkish Cotton.

Zebrine-Silvia-Deniz Hand and Bath Towels Mix & Match Set

Best Set: Zebrine-Silvia-Deniz Hand and Bath Towels Mix & Match Set

Picture this: a world where every touch is a gentle caress, every use is a delight, and every moment is enhanced by the finest quality. Welcome to the realm of the "best set" – where luxury, functionality, and versatility come together to transform your daily rituals into extraordinary experiences.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship:

Crafted in Turkey from the finest 100% Turkish cotton, this set is a testament to the artistry that has defined Turkish textile heritage for centuries. It's more than just a set; it's a piece of history, woven into every fiber to provide you with an unmatched sense of comfort.

The Softness Saga:

Customers can't stop raving about the sheer softness of this fabric. But here's the magic: these towels only get softer and more absorbent with every wash. It's like wrapping yourself in a cloud, making every touch a moment of indulgence. And for those with sensitive skin, it's a revelation.

All-Purpose Marvel:

From kitchen to bathroom, from babies to adults – this set isn't just versatile; it's your companion through every corner of your life. Use the hand towels to elevate your culinary adventures, embrace them in your bathrooms for a touch of luxury, or pamper the little ones with their delicate softness.

Unveil Hospitality:

Gone are the days of hiding your towels. Imagine welcoming guests with the pristine charm of fresh cotton towels in your powder room and kitchen. It's not just a welcome – it's an invitation to indulge in the finest comforts you have to offer.

Quick-Drying Elegance:

Say goodbye to dampness and bid adieu to waiting around. These towels are designed to make drying off after showers an efficient affair.Their quick-drying nature is perfect for hair, as they effortlessly absorb water and dry faster than your basic terry towels.

Your Travel Companion:

For the wanderers and explorers, this set is a blessing.Lightweight and easy to fold, these towels seamlessly transform into small rolls, ready to accompany you on every adventure.Wherever your journey takes you, rest assured that your comfort is never compromised.

A Hug of Generosity:

Envelop yourself in the generous embrace of these towels.Their size is more than a measurement; it's a promise of comfort and versatility. Whether you're wrapping yourself in coziness or spreading them out for a moment of relaxation, this set delivers a touch of luxury you'll treasure.

Zebrine-Silvia-Deniz Hand and Bath Towels Mix & Match Sets 6 Towels (3 Hand 3 Bath Towels) price at time of publish: $112

Zebrine-Silvia-Deniz Hand and Bath Towels Mix & Match Sets 9 Towels (6 Hand 3 Bath Towels) price at time of publish: $146

Dimensions: Bath towel: 36" x 72" (182 x 91 cm) Hand towel: 20" x 34" (51 x 86 cm) | Material: 100% Turkish Premium Cotton

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