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Dreaming of finally breaking out your warm-weather wardrobe? You're not alone! But who says beach style has to stop at swimsuits and sandals? Turkish towels are incredibly versatile and can be transformed into a variety of stylish outfits for any occasion. Beyond their functionality as beach towels, these beautiful textiles boast breathable, lightweight fabric that's perfect for creating comfortable and fashionable clothing.

Peshtemal towels, a type of Turkish towel, are traditionally worn as sarongs, offering endless tying possibilities. But there's a whole world of looks waiting to be explored! Here are some of our favorite ways to wear your Turkish towel, all tested and approved for comfort and style:

  1. Dress Up Your Towel:

The possibilities for transforming your Turkish towel into a dress are truly limitless! A quick Google search will reveal a treasure trove of ideas, but here are three basic and easy-to-replicate options that are trendy and flattering:


  • Strapless: Wrap the towel around your body and tie a secure knot at the side or middle of your chest. Let the remaining fabric flow freely for a breezy look. This is also a convenient way to cover up and dry off after a swim.
  • Halter: For a more covered and practical option, wrap the towel with the desired corners in front. Twist the top edges a few times and tie them securely behind your neck for a comfortable halter top. You can even fold the towel lengthwise before tying for a more structured top.
  • One-Shoulder: Grab two opposing corners of the short side of the towel. Create a small knot by bringing one corner under one arm and over the other. To close the dress, simply gather and tie the remaining fabric on each side around your waist. This creates a trendy high-low effect, perfect for a beachy vibe.

Deniz and any of our Peshtemal towels like Raven and Celeste are particularly versatile and can be easily transformed into stylish dresses for a post-beach outing.

  1. Long and Flowy:

Sarongs are another popular way to wear Turkish towels. Simply tie a long towel around your waist or hips for a comfortable and stylish cover-up that offers sun protection. Want to show off more leg? Fold your Turkish towel in half lengthwise and tie the ends around your hips to create a chic miniskirt. Play around with the length and knot placement to express your personal style.

Our Chloe towels are a great choice for this look, offering a versatile length that can be worn as both a long skirt or a shorter miniskirt. Iris beach towels, with their vibrant colors, would be perfect for a playful miniskirt.

  1. Effortless Elegance:

Turkish towels make beautiful shawls, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sun protection on a hot day. Their lightweight fabric and stunning designs create a timeless accessory that can be worn over the shoulders for a touch of effortless style.

Looking for the perfect shawl? Iris Beach Towel is a vibrant choice for a beach day, while Raven Beach Towel offers a more sophisticated touch for everyday wear or even a night out.

  1. Year-Round Scarves:

Turkish towels aren't just for summer! The thin, breathable fabric of peshtemals makes them ideal for creating scarves that can be worn year-round. From adding a pop of color to your outfit on a cool spring day to keeping your neck warm during winter walks, these versatile textiles offer endless possibilities. Headscarves are also a trendy option, and the lightweight nature of the fabric makes them comfortable even in warmer weather. For a smaller scarf option, consider using a hand towel as a bandana! For summertime scarves, we recommend Deniz or Celeste, both ultra-thin towels perfect for keeping you cool.

  1. Post-Workout Chic:

Even after a sweaty workout, you can look and feel your best with a Turkish towel. These towels fold compactly, making them easy to carry in your gym bag. Plus, their excellent absorbency helps you dry off quickly and leaves minimal odor. And let's not forget that these beautiful towels can elevate your gym look by adding a touch of fashionable functionality.

High-absorbency and high fashion? Try Andrea or Deniz, two of our customer favorites!

  1. Fun for the Little Ones!

Don't forget the kids! Small Turkish hand towels make fantastic cover-ups for the beach or pool, perfect for drying off after a fun day in the sun.Since Turkish towels are easy to wash and dry even after messy adventures, they're a super family-friendly option. Babies and toddlers will love the softness and absorbency of our Deniz hand towels. For older kids who want a larger towel, our oversized hand towels like Adrian, Deniz, and Silvia are great choices.

The Power of Turkish Towels:

Decorative woven patterns and a wide variety of colors set Turkish towels, also known as peshtemals, apart from generic towels. They offer a unique opportunity to express your personal style! We offer a carefully curated selection of beautiful designs, from traditional geometrics to modern minimalist patterns. Each towel has a unique personality that caters to different tastes.

Turkish towels are the perfect choice for creating effortless, boho-chic cover-ups, but their versatility extends far beyond the beach. With a little creativity, you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe for a touch of effortless style. The natural, lightweight fabric drapes beautifully and stays in place all day long. Once you've mastered these basic techniques, don't be afraid to experiment and create your own unique looks!

Shop Now and Discover Your Style!

Ready to experience the versatility and style of Turkish towels? Browse our towel collection and find the perfect towel to add a touch of Turkish flair to your wardrobe!

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