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Turkish towels, also known as peshtemals, surprise many people with their thinness. Unlike the bulky terrycloth towels we're used to, Turkish towels are flat-woven and lightweight. But don't let their thinness fool you! They're prized for their exceptional absorbency.


Here's the secret of Turkish Towels:

  • Long Fibers: Turkish towels are made from Turkish cotton, renowned for its long, fine fibers. These fibers have a much larger surface area compared to shorter fibers found in regular towels. This allows them to absorb more water more efficiently, despite the lack of thickness.

  • Flat Weave for Fast Drying: The flat weave construction of Turkish towels contributes to their thinness. This weave also has the advantage of allowing for quicker drying times. No more damp towels hanging around the bathroom getting musty!

  • Lightweight and Compact: Because they're thin, Turkish towels are lighter and take up less space than terrycloth towels. This makes them perfect for travel or even storing in a smaller bathroom.

So, next time you see a Turkish towel and wonder about its thinness, remember - it's a sign of quality, not a lack of it. You get a highly absorbent, quick-drying, and space-saving towel in a beautiful, lightweight package.

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